Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sticky Situation

Artists Develop Art Making Skills

For this topic, I learned a lot with the water color medium. I have used water color previous to this class, but I never had the technique of how to use it properly. I learned the create layers with the paint and slowly darken the color.

I gained skill with water color and even learned how to use water color pencils. It took a little practice for me to get used to but after I learned all the techniques it was much easier to use.

Artists Take Risks

For this project I decided to take a risk and do a colorful giraffe. I wasn't sure how it would turn out because most people don't picture giraffes colorful, but I liked the end product. I also took a risk by using water color. Water color doesn't seem like a difficult medium to use, but if you don't know the right techniques to use it can be challenging.

I picked water color was well as water color pencils. I had never used water color pencils before, but once I got used to how they worked, they came in handy multiple times.

Artists Solve Problems

I ran into some challenges as I worked, like when my paper was already wet and I tried to paint over it, it would bleed all over the place. Also some of the colors mixed together and didn't make the prettiest color. When this happened I would either blot it up or just keep working thinking that these things will just add unique touches to the piece of art.

Nothing huge happened to my art, I was unsure of the background but in the end I was pleased.

Artists Reflect

After I had drawn the giraffe and had put color on some of it's face, I stopped to look at it. I wasn't sure that I liked the way it was going but I decided to fix the things that I was uncertain about and continue working, and in the end I was mostly satisfied.

I thought about how it would look in my head before I started and things weren't really coming out the way that I had thought about it, but I kept going anyways trying to make things look the best that they could.

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