Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mixed Media

Artists Develop Art Making Skills
I developed a lot of new techniques and processes when learning how to do mixed media. There were a lot new mediums that I had never used before and now feel like I can handle. I learned how to layer different mediums and what type of glue works best. I also learned different ways of applying the mediums, different than how we had before.

I fell that I was able to develop better sills with the colored pencils, as well as using tissue paper to make water color. I also didn't know how to apply newspaper or magazines, and with the mini lesson I was able to learn the techniques of how to do that as well.

Artists Communicate Through Their Work
I wanted to show through my artwork the love for the fables that I grew up learning. I remember growing up how these fables were some of my favorite stories, and I thought that putting them into a piece of art would show my past interest for the different characters.

I ran into more issues than I would have liked for this piece. I didn't like how the characters looked more like cartoons than real, if I could do that over again I would change that about my piece. Also I feel like I could have applied the colored pencil to my piece at a higher level as well.

I loved my childhood, and I feel that this piece sums up my life as a kid. It also is appreciative to all the authors who made these stories become real to me. How my parents raised me was important to me as well and each of these fables gave an important lesson for me to learn.

Artists Collaborate
I talked a lot with the students around me as I worked on this piece. Finding the correct place for each character to fit was challenging and the students around me helped guide me to the best locations. They also helped me to decide what mediums would work best with my piece.

No one really helped me to understand important information and my childhood helped to inspire me with what I should do with this project.

Artists Reflect
About half way through I stopped to look at my art work. I had liked the way it was going so far but by the time I finished, I wished that I would have spent a little more time planning and laying out my ideas.
I thought about what I wanted to do before hand, but I didn't know how or where to place the characters or where the scene would take place. If I could go back and redo this project I probably would, making it look a little more realistic.

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