Monday, March 24, 2014

Up Close and Personal

Artists Create Original Art.
I had to think of what size hexagons I wanted to use, and how much space they would take up. Also how large I wanted the bee to be. I also had to think about what medium I wanted to use to help create the best possible product.

I thought of things that would be interesting to do up close and I thought of a bee hive. Then I looked up some pictures of bee hives and used those combined with my own ideas to come out with the final product. I mostly used the researched photos to help with the values in the hives.

Artists Take Risks.
I wasn't completely sure how to actually draw a bee, so that was a risk that I took. Also another risk was drawing hexagons. They needed to be precise and even throughout the entire project and that was one of the biggest challenges for me along with learning to draw a bee. 

I chose to draw the background in chalk pastels and that ran a risk because I had never used chalk pastels before until this class. I used colored pencils to color and add texture to the bee, but the chalk pastels was a new medium to me. 

Artist Solve Problems.
When I came to challenges as I worked I often asked people around me what they thought I should do. When I was struggling with the hexagons, someone sitting near me suggested that I draw one hexagon, cut it out and trace it for the remaining hexagons. This advice helped me significantly.

The only mistake that I ran into was when I did the shadow. At first I made it too dark but I evened it out and fixed it to the best of my ability.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Up Close and Personal Strategies

 For the round piece of candy I used chalk pastels. I used three different shades of colors and blended them all together having the lightest toward the middle and the darker colors around the outside. After I finished blending the colors together I added the wrapper buy using different shades of white. I looked at the wrapper and picked out different shapes drawing them onto the candy creating a transparent look. Overall I enjoyed using chalk pastels and the only difficulty I had was with the wrapper, but other than that I liked using this medium.
 For the lollipop we used colored pencils as our medium. I used white and shaded the areas that were darker on the wrapper and then used a black to define the folds. This was probably the most difficult of the three for me because of the shading and use of values but I enjoyed it over all as well.
For the can we used oil pastels as our medium. I used three different shades of a color and blended them together, trying to keep the round look of the can. Blending the colors together was probably the most difficult task because you couldn't really use your fingers to blend it and had to use solely the pastels. Using oil pastels is fun though and I will probably either use oil pastels or chalk pastels for my final project on up close and personal.