Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Up Close and Personal Strategies

 For the round piece of candy I used chalk pastels. I used three different shades of colors and blended them all together having the lightest toward the middle and the darker colors around the outside. After I finished blending the colors together I added the wrapper buy using different shades of white. I looked at the wrapper and picked out different shapes drawing them onto the candy creating a transparent look. Overall I enjoyed using chalk pastels and the only difficulty I had was with the wrapper, but other than that I liked using this medium.
 For the lollipop we used colored pencils as our medium. I used white and shaded the areas that were darker on the wrapper and then used a black to define the folds. This was probably the most difficult of the three for me because of the shading and use of values but I enjoyed it over all as well.
For the can we used oil pastels as our medium. I used three different shades of a color and blended them together, trying to keep the round look of the can. Blending the colors together was probably the most difficult task because you couldn't really use your fingers to blend it and had to use solely the pastels. Using oil pastels is fun though and I will probably either use oil pastels or chalk pastels for my final project on up close and personal.

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