Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Project 1- Scientific

  1.       What where some of your design solutions to the theme Scientific?
     For the theme Scientific I started thinking about science and how it came to be. I thought back to Benjamin Franklin and the light bulb, and then I thought about Albert Einstein and how I could incorporate him. I decided to draw his face with a light bulb, showing multiple scientific ideas. 

     2. How beneficial were the mini lessons in the success of your project. If they were not beneficial please explain as well.
     The mini lessons before our projects were very beneficial. They introduced new techniques to using the mediums, pencil, pen, and charcoal. It also helped for us to become more comfortable with them, and make it easier for us to use these mediums.

 3. How did you show contrast in your work?
     I showed contrast in my work but using stippling. There is contrast between Einstein's face and his coat. His coat is really dark, and the rest of the picture is lighter. 

     4. What medium did you decide to use? Why did you choose this medium over the others?
     To do my project, I chose to use pen and ink. I feel more controlled when I use pen and ink. When I use pencil or charcoal, I feel like I smear it everywhere.

     5. What techniques did you use to create this work?
To create my work, I used stippling. To created contrast I used a lot of dots in the darker areas, compared to little dots in the lighter areas. 
6. We encourage risk taking in art. Risk taking can be as simple as trying a new technique or learning about a new medium to as complex as trying something totally new.  Did you take any risks with this project? Explain. 
     I took a risk by drawing a person. Drawing faces is not always the easiest, but I chose to do this to make things more challenging. 
7. Discuss your overall experience with this project.
      I have never use stippling to create a project so I really enjoyed that, as well as drawing a human face. Over all I have really enjoyed working on this project. 

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